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The difference between an acting class and an acting lab:

In a class, the instructor generally views material that you have worked on with your partner outside of class, then gives their notes and observations and has you repeat the work. As a rule, there can be as many as 30-40 actors in the group and you actually are on your feet working once or perhaps twice a month (perhaps).

A lab is just that ... a place for hands-on work to try to come up with solutions for the various acting problems that are in every scene. These solutions more often than not are in the text.  Pete helps actors learn how to read a script or screenplay with the writer’s intention in mind, enabling them to recognize where the writer wants them to make a choice. He keeps his lab sizes small (never more than 16 actors in a group) so that everyone works in every lab.

$225 for 4 Three-Hours Sessions


“No Harm, No Foul” Policy:

"All artists are unique and sometimes methods do not mesh. If after your first one-on-one session or group meeting with me you feel the way I work doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, there is absolutely no charge. That has been my policy since I started coaching ... and I have yet to have an actor take advantage of it. Just sayin’ ..."


It is necessary to audition for Group Labs. Please see the 'Contact' page to arrange an audition with Pete. 

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